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Phone: (256) 235-0620
Address: 1201 S Quintard Ave
Anniston, AL 36201
Hodges Bubba Automobiles is a used car dealership in Anniston, AL. Please contact them for any info outside of the basic contact info we've provided. Used car lots like Hodges Bubba Automobiles typically offer all kinds of cars for sale; SUV's, Trucks, Hybrids, and sometimes even Motorcycles. Most, if not all, used car dealers will allow you to test drive their used cars after getting a copy of your drivers license.

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Name: Catherine Davila
Summary: 1997 Ford Taurus
First of all, I am getting alittle frustrated with you not returning any of my phone calls. You told my mother-in-law you would be calling my about my car that was back in April well it is now June. I bought the 97 Ford Taurus from your company, I paid $3000 CASH for the car, well I thought I was getting a good car. Well apparently I was wrong. My car is in a car shop waiting to get fixed, I do NOT have the money to get the car fixed, not I am not taking the car to trade it in, nor am I going to take the car to a junk yard. I paid a lot of money for that car and you told my mother-in-law that you were going to Birmingham when you spoke to her, you said you were going to either call her back or you were going to call me, neither one of us has heard from you. You also told her that you were going to place me in another car, well you have failed to do so. I actually trusted in your company when I bought the car.I thought I was getting a great little dependable car to get back and forth to work in. Well I was wrong. I am 22 years old I bet you if I were a lot older then what I am then I would have not gotten done the way I did. I need you to call me so we can figure out something about this car. I am getting impatient with it. Thank you Catherine Davila
My home number is 256-403-2459
I will be expecting you to call

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