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Phone: (214) 269-0400
Address: 3312 Marvin D Love Fwy
Dallas, TX 75224
Tricolor Auto Group is a used car dealership in Dallas, TX. Please contact them for any info outside of the basic contact info we've provided. Used car lots like Tricolor Auto Group typically offer all kinds of cars for sale; SUV's, Trucks, Hybrids, and sometimes even Motorcycles. Most, if not all, used car dealers will allow you to test drive their used cars after getting a copy of your drivers license.

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Name: Maria Lopez
Summary: Dont buy car from this place!!!!
They will cut your car off if your two weeks late and they give you high intrest rates!!!They only go bi-weekly so your paying more in one month sometimes. One guy was mad at the buckner location because he paid $2000 down and car broke down on 635 and they didnt wont to give money back!!! They wanted to fix the car and put him in another junk car till his was fixed. They lie and they sucker you into bad car deals!!! They also have that stupied tracker mess on the car so they can cut it off when your late.

Name: Valerie G.
Summary: Your better off buying an used car from a private owner!
They lie! They say that they don't sell junk and just a week after I got the car it started to mess up on me. Now, it is in the shop and I have been without a car for just about 3 days now. They told me that they would loan me a car if I ever needed one and now that I do need a car they tell me that they don't loan cars. So now I have no ride to school!!! They charge you out the WHAZOO and sucker you. Don't be fooled by how the cars look on the outside because they fix the bumps and scraps. You could have gotten a better car off the street than the car I got! They basically flip cars! As far as I'm concerned I am paying twice the price of what my car is worth!

Name: Jose R
Fantastic place to buy a car! they treat you like a king and sell the nicest, cleanest cars in Dallas! All their cars are completely checked over and run great! I highly reccomend them to anyone
who does not want to but the usual junk you find at the usual note lots.

Name: Juan E.
I luv my car! I was treated with respect and got a grate deal. I would say everybody should go their to buy a car.

Name: Dee
i logged on their website to look at the cars and all they advertise is TRICOLOR this and TRICOLOR that all im trying to do is look at cars gosh!!

Name: eddy
Hey dee stop being a lazy ass and drive ur ass to the dealer!!!!!!!!!

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